Make stories with friends.

Marquee is all about stories. But here it's "Stories together" — multi-person like. One person starts and others add in. Back-and-forth. Stories can be about events or experiences, but oftentimes they're just friends being funny. Or real. By centralizing conversation, we all get a cool inside view.

Create a simple app.
Solve a big problem.

The goal was to create a very simple, easy navigable app that focuses on one thing. Stories. But not just individual stories, group stories as well. Launching the app you are presented with the latest stories you care about. Creating a story or adding to an existing story is always readily available. The other focus was discovery. Where you can easily find trending stories, stories from friends, as well as search for new stories.

Home Screen

Make consuming and creating stories fun.

No matter what type of content you create the focus was to make creating and consuming it enjoyable, whether it's media or simply text. Telling stories is easier when it's in a beautiful fun way. Another design focus was to go full screen with the story to create a distraction free viewing experience.

Story Screens
Discover Screen

A variety of stories.

With an app focused on all types of stories you end up with a variety of stories. It was important to communicate with the user what type of story to expect. At the core we use two distinct yet subtle story cell designs to show the difference between a group and an individual story. Inside each story cell are different assets further showing details about the type of story.


App Store screenshots.

Presenting your app in the App Store is an important marketing step. Using screenshots with brand coloring helps your app stand out. Screenshots are also a great opportunity to tell a story around each screen.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

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